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Dallas, TX— More and more North Texas homeowners are finding their favorite time to spend in their gardens is after sundown. With the addition of strategic outdoor lighting, gardens transform into additional living spaces, moonlit walking paths, and alfresco dining options.  Richard Lentz, president of Lentz Landscape Lighting for over 27 years, shares a few tips on enhancing your gardens with recreated “moonlight” and other outdoor lighting options.  “Many of our customers spend quite a bit of money landscaping their properties with beautiful gardens,” says Lentz. “The problem is that investment literally disappears after dark,” he adds. With the placement of strategic outdoor lighting, homeowners can enjoy the beauty of their garden day and night while adding the benefit of increased security to the entire property.

Here are a few tips on night lighting your gardens from Richard Lentz:

  • Use soft perimeter lights along the pathways to create ambiance and provide additional safety lighting
  • Place lights in the tops of trees shining down through leaves and branches, creating dramatic shadows on the garden floor that “dance” when the wind blows
  • Use a selection of warm accent lights throughout the garden to highlight artistic features like sculptures, birdbaths, fountains, and special groupings of foliage
  • Install dimmable down lights from inside the roof of an arbor, a gazebo, or a pavilion. The dimmable light feature allows you to set the mood for an event and to add more light if you are using the space as a food service area. Adding a ceiling fan is also recommended making it more entertaining-friendly
  • Hang strings of white lights or a weatherproof chandelier from a low bough of a large tree and set an outdoor dining table under it for entertaining alfresco-style. Surround the area with additional ground and tree lights to create an outdoor dining room in the garden
  • Likewise, use outdoor lighting around settings of garden furniture to create additional “rooms” within your garden

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