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Customer Testimonials

We have been clients of Lentz Lighting for 33 years! We will only call Lentz for our outdoor lighting needs. Over the 33 years we have recommended Lentz to many friends and now they are happy clients!
Ron M.

We have been working with Dick Lentz and Lentz Lighting since 1989 when he installed lights in our first house. His great crew just installed new lighting in our third house in 2023 and we couldn’t be more pleased.
RuLan & Rick H.

Genius. Brilliant. So soft, subtle, and beautiful. Embarrassed to admit I had my doubts. No more. Walked out at 5 this morning – it took my breath away!

Please thank your two hard working employees. I’ve never seen a ladder that big or tall!

Again – thank you so much!

Layne L.

I am thankful to have the opportunity to tell all of you at Lentz Landscape Lighting what a pleasure it is to work with you. We have completed many awesome projects together, and while one or two have been especially challenging, we all made it to the other side successfully, and we are smarter by it. It takes a great leader to have such a devoted team and responsive team members to adopt that leadership. There is a working cohesiveness among you that shows so well, so professional, so informed, and so dedicated to excellence. As individuals, you each show your knowledge forthright from product knowledge, to the science of electricity, to the nature of light, and the art of customer service. I feel fortunate to rub shoulders with such company.

Denise K.

Lentz has been a wonderful addition to our garden. Plus the safety factor of light to keep crime away.

Beverly B.

Lentz installed lights in our giant oak tree and landscape lighting along the front of our house a couple of years ago. We have thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful effect of this lighting and frequently receive compliments about it.

Susan P.

Wanted to give a word of appreciation for all you have done for our family beginning in 1990 when you did the landscape lighting for our new home in Richardson. After that you became our HVAC service provider and then our electrical services provider for both our home and our son’s home. In all those years we came to have absolute trust in the quality and integrity of your service.

Walter P.

Lentz Lighting has provided for all my outdoor lighting needs for many years, as well as Christmas lights last year. The quality of work, attention to detail, and pleasant and knowledgeable technicians always add up to a job well done. I highly recommend Lentz Landscape Lighting.

Diane B.

Greg Ohl and Lentz have always done great work for all of our outdoor lighting needs– for our current home and our last one.

Ashish M.

We love Lentz and all the work you’ve done for us over the years. Many thanks!

Ryan B.

Lentz just finished a total re-do of our old outdoor lighting system. They did a great job! We love them!

Sally G.

It has been a pleasure working with Jerry, Paul, Mario, and Josh on lighting upgrades in my new utility room, kitchen and bar. Thank you, guys!          

Victoria H.

I really enjoy my lighting! It adds so much!

S. Patterson

Last spring Lentz installed up-lighting on our home in Richardson as well as down spot lights in our huge oak tree in the front. We decided to change the lighting color effect after installation and they came out right away to fix the lights as we wanted. They are efficient and professional from sales to installation. We constantly receive compliments on our lights. I highly recommend Lentz Lighting.

Susan P.

We are still enjoying our six up-lights, and the timer that runs them. Our house looks the best on our street at night. Thank you.

Kathy G.

We really have enjoyed our tree lighting that you all installed some time ago.

Martin T.

You made our yard look fabulous!! We recommended you to several folks and would be happy to answer any questions from potential clients.

Gayle E.

Highly recommend. Very responsive, arrive on time, technicians are courteous and professional and resolve all issues efficiently at a reasonable price. Very trustworthy and dependable.

Mak D.

We have been your customer for many years. If we ever need lighting, we call you guys. In fact, just this week, a neighbor posted on the Nextdoor site that he needed some outdoor lighting help, so I gave him your name.

Jan R.

We were having issues with tree lights that were at the base of a tree last year due to people knocking the lights over or kicking them. We received a reasonable quote from you all and the work was done well. We appreciate your assistance.

John H.

Thomas and I are in awe of the lighting in our yard!! It provides such a zen feeling as we walk through the yard and sit on one of benches to soak the atmosphere.  The lighting is so subtle, which complements the landscaping. We love the compliments we receive as our guests walk thru down the paths..

Dane T.

The Lentz team transformed our Midland, Tx. landscape from “ok” to “oh, wow”! From our first meeting with Dick Lentz to the finished project, everything was done to perfection. Dick provided the vision and creative design. The team hit the ground running and amazed us all-especially our neighbors. All the work was on time, on budget and unbelievably beautiful. Our West Texas evenings are special, but Lentz has made our outdoor space even better. Thank you so much.

Clark and Shirley B.

When we bought our current home 24 years ago it had many old tree lights which needed repair. We used another company at first before we discovered Lentz. Since then we’ve always depended on Lentz for maintenance and repairs. They are simply the best and most fair company in Dallas for outside lighting. 

Allen G.

Had a very good experience with David Gee, glad to hear he is back at work. Thanks for your fine products and great service.

Howard H.

I tell you, Ramon & Heron they were absolutely fabulous! Pat them on the back, and give them a raise! You have lit up our backyard since 1998.

Mary H.

He was in and out. Light worked great last night. And thank you so much for getting to us quickly.

Clint M.

They did a great job. Very happy.

Matt P.

Everything’s so beautiful! We’re so thrilled! Thank you very much.

Linda B.

It looked fantastic last night! I’m very happy.

Tally D.

Couldn’t be any happier. Just great!

Chris A.

Fabulous! It was just fabulous!

David J.

I cannot say enough about Lentz! Greg was fantastic! The guys were super.

Linda B.

You guys are responsive and did a good job. You take care of us, and we’re very grateful.

Jim W.

They were awesome! They did great!

Rick P.

We get so much enjoyment out of our landscape lighting. It has transformed our landscape and we just love seeing the leaves dance in the light from the trees. We had nothing but a great experience working with Dick Lentz and his entire team. Happy customers!

Ashleigh M.

I have used Lentz Lighting services for three houses over the years. Most recently, this year in the front and backyard of our new home in Lakewood. Dick Lentz came out and found the best approach for our lighting needs. The crew did an amazing job with creating “moonlight” in our front and back yard. We are really enjoying the look, feel and safety we have from the installations. I continue to refer people to Lentz Lighting.

Michael S.

We have been very happy with the services Lentz provided us–from good maintenance to the creation of new lighting that created safe pathways and good highlighting of our new landscaping in our multi-level yard. Thank you!

Margaret O.

I love the moonscape lighting in my front trees—it is both attractive and adds security. I hope to add more lighting in the future

Martin T.

You guys installed (3) high trees for a home purchase we completed back in 2013. The project was completed quickly, professionally and perfectly. The addition to our backyard has been an awesome feature we are still excited about three years later

Dane T.

Longtime customers on the lighting as well as the services side. Dick and his company are the best in Texas!

Scott B

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Highly recommend. Very responsive, arrive on time, technicians are courteous and professional and resolve all issues efficiently at a reasonable price. Very trustworthy and dependable.

Mark D

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