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About Lentz Landscape Lighting

We Light the Way You Live

Lentz Landscape Lighting homes do not look like other professionally lit homes. How do you tell them apart? Your eyes are drawn to the dancing shadows and patterns. The soft, natural down-lighting and up-lighting creates living art. Our skilled designers have been applying this hallmark technique to fine homes since 1986. Our technique results in a very pleasing nightscape with improved safety.

History of Lentz Landscape Lighting

Lentz Landscape Lighting has been living for the night since 1986. We realized homeowners were spending money on gorgeous landscapes they could only really enjoy during the day. Once the sun went down, they couldn’t see their beautiful surroundings. What a shame!

To solve this problem, we began by employing skilled workers. We looked for the combined talents of aesthetic landscape lighting design and electrical know-how. Then we began to transform exteriors all around the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Our clientele now includes many fine homes throughout Texas and around the country. Take a look at just a few of the homes in our landscape lighting portfolio.


Your Lentz Landscape Lighting Team

Your landscape lighting team are professional designers. Each team is led by an experienced designer. They work together to realize the hidden potential in every home.  Their collective electrical expertise makes this potential become realized. The whole process, from start to finish, is like painting a picture, with your property as the canvas. Instead of paint, landscape lighting is used to call out the features of your home and lawn you love most. See examples here.

First, you will consult with a dedicated landscape lighting designer. Your designer will visit your home by light of day to discuss your wants, needs, and ideas. Then he will create a rendering for the actual placement and composition of your landscape lighting.

The end result is a magical combination of uplighting, downlighting and safety lighting, putting your home always in the best possible light.

Word From The Founder of Lentz Landscape Lighting

Richard Lentz

At Lentz Landscape Lighting, we treat your home like a beautiful canvas. Lights are our paintbrush, which we use to accent and highlight, as well as provide additional aesthetic beauty and safety. After 34 years, we’re as excited today as the first day we started. We love unique properties and every property is unique.





Lentz Landscape Lighting’s Green Commitment

Before it was even cool to do so, our designers were recommending ultra-efficient light-emitting diodes (LEDs) over mercury vapor lights. Mercury vapor lights have dominated landscape lighting for decades. LEDs offer the same benefits of mercury vapor including broad color temperature range and excellent coverage. In addition, LEDs are:

  • Dimmable — You can change your landscape lighting as needed
  • Long lasting — lamp life is twice as long as mercury vapor
  • Efficient — Consumes a fraction of the energy
  • Cost-effective — saves up to 75% over other light sources

As landscape lighting sources continue to evolve and improve, our commitment to you will always be to keep pace with the options.

New Installations


Landscape lighting is a lasting, beautiful investment for your home’s exterior. Our expert landscape designers can help!

  • Free estimate
  • Includes landscape lighting design plan



We can assist you with upgrading your existing landscape lighting system with energy efficient solutions or retrofitting solutions.

  • Free estimate
  • Conversion of existing landscape lighting system from mercury vapor to energy efficient LED system
  • Upgrades and equipment changes



Once your landscape lighting has been installed, enjoy piece of mind with our maintenance program. We provide annual reviews for our service maintenance clients, giving you peace of mind.

  • Walk property looking for damage
  • System testing
  • Report of necessary repairs and system status



As a commercial property owner, poor lighting conditions are a liability no business can afford in our highly litigious society. Lentz Landscape Lighting can help you prevent issues before they occur.

  • Parking Lot Lighting
  • Signage
  • Campus lighting
  • Building lighting
  • Fountain/Courtyard lighting

About Us

Lentz Landscape Lighting is a proud member of the American Lighting Association, Better Business Bureau, National Homebuilders Association and the Dallas and Tyler Chambers of Commerce.

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