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Dallas, TX— According to a recent conversation with members of the local residential real estate community, exterior landscape lighting is considered an important feature that not only enhances the aesthetics and security of a home, but also improves the marketability of the property.

David Nichols, Mathews-Nichols Real Estate Group Founding Partner and Allie Beth Allman & Associates Executive Vice President, commented, “Professionally-installed, attractive landscape lighting adds real value to any residence. Exterior lighting is also beneficial when showing homes in the evenings because clients can see all the features of the exterior and landscaping, night or day.” Stewart Lee, a top-producer with Dave Perry-Miller and Associates said, “A lot of my clients specifically drive by homes at night so they can see what it looks like when the sun goes down. It’s always a plus to potential homebuyers when the homes are well-lit with tasteful exterior lighting.”

Nichols often recommends the 26-year old lighting company, Lentz Landscape Lighting, to his new and existing homebuyers. “I’ve been working with Greg Ohl with Lentz Landscape Lighting for many years,” said Nichols. “He and his team give exceptional service, provide timely installations and offer a good value based on the quality of their work”, he added.

Realtors agree anytime you add light to an outdoor space–whether a patio, garden, deck or poolside area–you are creating more livable space that will increase the value of the property; thus, its marketability for resale. By bringing the “outside in” with subtle, natural landscape lighting, the square footage of the interior rooms appears to extend to the outside.

“What I like to do is to make the exterior space feel like an outdoor room,” said Richard Lentz, President of Lentz Landscape Lighting. “If the lights are on inside a room, it’s difficult to see anything other than black outside or the reflection off the windows of the interior of the room. It’s important the lighting on the outside of the home is strong enough to be able to see the outdoor features of your home.”

Libby Norwood, a Vice-President at Briggs-Freeman/Sotheby’s International Realty where she has been a consistent multi-million dollar producer for many years, noted, “Artistically-installed landscape lighting can make all the difference in the world!” She also added, “It’s amazing what spaces you can create outside your home for enjoyment and entertaining with proper exterior lighting.” Norwood also refers the lighting design team at Lentz Landscape lighting to her clients. “Dick Lentz’s lighting designs are so subtle and natural looking. He’s very artistic in the way he positions the lights around the property to make it look like natural moonlight. “, she added.

Stewart Lee not only recommends landscape lighting to his clients, but also had exterior lighting installed on his own home. “I like the moonlit look it gives the front of the house and the additional light and security it provides for the back of the house. It was a great investment that gives me pleasure night after night,” Lee said.

By filling dark shadows with warm light and spotlighting stepping stones and pathways, the tactical placement of lighting is also an important safety feature for homeowners. “One of my customers heard a prowler one night in their garden and called me the next morning asking for an exterior lighting expert. Within a few days, Lentz Landscape Lighting had security lights installed, which gave the homeowner greater peace of mind. The unexpected bonus for them was seeing how beautiful their home looked every night. ”, David Nichols remarked.

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