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Spring is in full bloom and we’re rapidly headed for the hot Texas summer. Have you had your outdoor landscape lighting maintenance done yet? If it’s been longer than six months, now’s the time to schedule a maintenance check. A landscape lighting maintenance is an annual or bi-annual review which includes walking the property looking for system damage, full system testing, and a report of necessary repairs and system status. Here’s what you should consider about requesting service maintenance for your outdoor landscape lighting.

What’s the problem?

  • All lights not working
  • Lights need adjusted or re-positioned
  • Moisture
  • Lights come on at the wrong time
  • Some lights are not working
  • Clock time/photo cell not working
  • Lights are damaged
  • Other/Unsure

What Needs Repair?

  • In-ground well lights (moonlighting)
  • Accent bullets (directional)
  • Bollard lights
  • Step lights
  • Path lights
  • Driveway markers
  • Underwater well lights
  • Other/Unknown[/column]

If you’re unsure what repairs need to be done, one of our lighting specialists will be happy to tour your lighting system and create a proposal for you of areas that need attention. Don’t wait until it’s obvious your system needs repairs, your system needs regular scheduled maintenance to ensure optimum performance year round.

Changes to Your Outdoor Landscape

Have you recently made changes to your outdoor landscape but haven’t adjusted your landscape lighting to accommodate? Additions, garden changes, tree and landscape removals, or simply natural growth or weather damage, can cause your landscape lighting system to look different. Contact us for a free evaluation of how best to adjust for these changes. Be sure to ask us about our service maintenance program as well.

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