LED Landscape Lighting

LED Landscape Lighting is the Energy Efficient Way of the Future

led-lightingMany landscape lighting systems use mercury vapor bulbs. As lighting technology has improved, new options are now available. These options provide many cost-savings as well as energy efficiency. One option is LED landscape lighting. An increasingly popular option, LED landscape lighting can also provide improved aesthetics over mercury vapor.

Your existing landscape lighting system can be retrofit to use LED landscape lighting bulbs. This is a less expensive solution than installing a completely new system. Retrofitting to an LED landscape lighting system provides your system the latest in lighting features. Light Emitting Diodes or LED landscape lighting is an extremely energy efficient solution. LED’s typically use 1/10th of the energy of older lighting technologies. In addition, LEDs provide a brighter, purer light which makes them stand out. LED landscape lighting fixtures and bulbs can be an excellent solution for any of your lighting needs, whether it be for motion and flood lighting or any other area around your home.