About Lentz Services

Lentz Services transforms interiors with the same expertise and professionalism you’ve come to expect from Lentz Landscape Lighting. Our trained technicians specialize in making your life simpler, safer, more efficient and less stressful. We are here as your whole-home resource.


painting_-150x150Lentz Services evolved from Lentz Landscape Lighting in 1990. At that time, we began to do for the inside of homes what we were already doing for the outside; making them look and function at their best. In the last 29 years, we’ve done that and more, by employing electricians and technicians who are among the most capable in the metroplex. Along with their expertise and professionalism, they bring vision, inspiration, and a deep desire to keep learning about the industry, especially as it pertains to the environment and technology.

Our Team

entry_-150x150We take pride in our best resource: our team. Our electricians and technicians are as professional as we have found anywhere and they truly “know their stuff”. We also make sure each member has an aesthetic eye for those projects requiring a little imagination. Cleanliness, good manners, and humility are all key job requirements. After all, it takes a special man to wear disposable booties over his shoes.

Once you meet your service professional, go ahead and get to know them. Chances are good they will be handling your future needs. Unlike most companies who send out whomever is available, we believe in building relationships and getting to know each other creates a win/win outcome for all.

Along those lines, all communications will be with an actual Lentz representative, whether you are scheduling an appointment, receiving a reminder call, or a follow up. Your satisfaction is always our first priority at Lentz Services and those simple interactions will not be automated like at some other service providers.

Green Commitment

img-greenCommitment-150x150Today, there is much emphasis on going green. More than ever, homeowners are feeling the pressure, both in their pocketbooks and in the national concern for energy resources. In addition, there are many incentives to be more energy conscious.

One incentive is provided by Oncor Electric. Because Lentz Services is an Oncor certified provider, you may be eligible for rebates if you upgrade your existing lighting system to LEDs.  Best of all, these changes are not only good for you, they can dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of your home, which is good for all of us. If you are in the market for energy efficient solutions for your home, our trained technicians can help you make the right choices.